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Study Title Opens on Country Points
Q180032. Coupons Aug 24, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180033. Search Results Aug 31, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180034. Is Secure? Sep 07, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180035. Home Pages Sep 14, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180036. What Sells? Sep 21, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180037. Advertising Sep 28, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180038. Live Entertainment Oct 05, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180039. Waiting... Oct 12, 2018 Worldwide 1
R183465. BDMs soon United States 20
R183466. Broad Elites soon United States 20
R183467. DC Elites soon United States 20
R183468. Financial Elites soon United States 20
R183893. GenPop L2 soon Germany 11
R184538. iPhone Users English soon Philippines 10
R184539. iPhone Users soon France 10
R184605. Car intenders NY&Port soon United States 20
R184607. Car intenders Chicago soon United States 20
R185004. Universal soon United Kingdom 15
R185005. Universal soon Brazil 20
R185006. Universal soon Spain 30
R185007. Universal soon Italy 30
R185008. Universal soon Germany 30
R185009. Universal soon Russian Fed 30
R185010. Universal soon China 30
R185011. Universal soon France 30
R185012. Universal soon Mexico 30
R185055. GenPop soon United Kingdom 15
R185086. Car Buyers soon Chile 20
R185124. GenPop soon Russian Fed 15
R185158. Universal Kids soon France 30
R185159. Universal Kids soon China 30
R185161. SBOs soon United States 11
R185168. Universal Kids soon Germany 30
R185169. Universal Kids soon Italy 30
R185170. Universal Kids soon Spain 30
R185171. Universal Kids soon Brazil 30
R185172. Universal Kids soon Russian Fed 30
R185173. Universal Kids soon Mexico 30
R185174. Universal Kids soon United Kingdom 30
R185186. Director+ soon United States 12
R185187. Director+ soon Canada 12
R185189. Students soon United States 20
R185190. Consumers soon Japan 20
R185191. Opinion Formers soon Japan 20
R185192. BDMs soon Germany 20
R185193. Opinion Formers soon Germany 20
R185194. BDMs soon United States 20
R185195. Opinion Formers soon United States 20
R185197. BDMs soon Japan 20
R185198. Consumers soon Germany 20
R185199. Consumers soon United States 20
R185223. Investable Assets soon United States 15
R185225. GenPop 1 (AD) soon United States 12
R185226. GenPop 2 (TR) soon United States 12
R185234. CRM DMs soon United States 12
R185242. Video Games W4 soon United Kingdom 15
R185247. Asian Females soon United States 15
R185248. Car buyers soon Australia 20
R185249. Car buyers soon Netherlands 20
R185255. SMB ITDMs soon United States 12
R185261. Movie Goers soon France 15
R185262. Movie Goers soon Thailand 15
R185265. Peers soon United States 10
R185272. Construction soon United States 20
R185278. DC Elites soon United States 15
R185280. Non-Caucasian soon United Kingdom 10
R185287. Movie Goers soon Colombia 15
R185288. ITDM soon Australia 12
R185289. ITDM soon Germany 12
R185290. ITDM soon Japan 12
R185291. ITDM soon Japan 12
R185292. ITDM soon Brazil 12
R185293. ITDM soon United States 12
R185294. ITDM soon Sweden 12
R185308. Clothing Main soon Germany 15
R185309. Clothing Parents soon Germany 15
R185310. Clothing Main soon France 15
R185311. Clothing Parents soon France 15
R185312. Clothing Main soon Singapore 15
R185313. Clothing Parents soon Singapore 15
R185314. Clothing Main soon Turkey 15
R185315. Clothing Parents soon Turkey 15
R185316. Clothing Main soon Chile 15
R185317. Clothing Parents soon Chile 15
R185318. Clothing Main soon South Africa 15
R185319. Clothing Parents soon South Africa 15
R185328. BDMs soon United States 15
R185333. Developers soon United States 10
R185334. Diabetes soon United States 15
R185337. Parents soon Germany 10
R185342. Credit Card Users soon United States 12
R185345. GenPop DMAs soon United States 20
R185346. Spanish soon United States 20
R185347. GenPop NY soon United States 20
R185360. Females 1 soon United States 20
R185365. Emerging Homeowners soon United States 11
R185366. Legacy Homeowners soon United States 11
R185367. New Homeowners soon United States 11
R185368. Builders Homeowners soon United States 11
R185371. Females GC 0003 soon United States 10
R185372. Females GC 0004 soon United States 10
R185375. Groceries soon United States 15
R185378. GenPop soon United Kingdom 15
R185380. DMs soon Germany 15
R185381. DMs soon United Kingdom 15
R185382. DMs soon United States 15
R185383. Gamers soon United States 20
R185384. Developers soon United States 15
R185385. Developers soon United States 15
R185386. ITDM soon Sweden 12
R185389. Parents soon United Kingdom 20
R185394. SBOs soon Canada 10
R185400. Teachers soon United States 12
R185403. Generals soon Russian Fed 15
R185404. Parents soon Russian Fed 15
R185405. Kids soon Russian Fed 15
R185406. Generals soon China 15
R185407. Parents soon China 15
R185408. Kids soon China 15
R185410. Genpop HHI soon Philippines 12
R185414. Females soon Turkey 15
R185415. GenPop soon Canada 12
R185416. Parents soon United States 20
R185417. GenPop soon United States 15
R185418. ITDM soon China 12
R185420. Marvel soon France 25
R185421. Marvel soon Brazil 25
R185422. Marvel soon South Korea 25
R185427. Parents soon United States 8
R185428. ITDMs soon United States 20
R185430. Managers+ soon United States 5
R185431. Managers+ soon United Kingdom 5
R185434. DMs soon United Kingdom 20
R185435. DMs soon Australia 20
R185436. Flooring DMs soon Australia 15
R185440. Motorcycle Owners soon Japan 10
R185443. Device Purchasers soon South Korea 12
R185444. ITDMs soon United States 20
R185447. Managers+ soon India 10
R185450. B2B soon United Kingdom 10
R185451. B2B soon Australia 10
R185452. B2B soon Japan 10
R185454. GenPop soon United States 15
R185455. GenPop soon Argentina 15
R185456. GenPop soon Mexico 15
R185457. GenPop soon Spain 15
R185458. GenPop soon Thailand 15
R185460. Parents soon United Kingdom 20
R185464. ITDMs soon United States 8
R185465. ITDMs soon Canada 8
R185468. Elites soon United States 10
R185469. GenPop soon United States 15
R185471. App Devs soon South Korea 22


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