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Study Title Opens on Country Points
Q180023. Is Useful? Jun 22, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180024. Your Dot Com Jun 29, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180025. Your Password Jul 06, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180026. Friends on the Net Jul 13, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180027. Free vs Paid Jul 20, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180028. Time Spent Jul 27, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180029. Adult Sites Aug 03, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180030. Menu Options Aug 10, 2018 Worldwide 1
R183151. GenPop soon Australia 11
R183152. GenPop soon Canada 11
R183157. GenPop soon France 11
R183159. GenPop soon Chile 11
R183162. GenPop soon Mexico 11
R183371. Moviegoers soon Brazil 12
R183372. Moviegoers soon Russian Fed 12
R183373. Moviegoers soon Germany 12
R183465. BDMs soon United States 20
R183466. Broad Elites soon United States 20
R183467. DC Elites soon United States 20
R183468. Financial Elites soon United States 20
R183526. E-Cigs soon United States 15
R183579. Broad Constituency soon Mexico 15
R183580. Opinion Leaders soon Singapore 15
R183581. Opinion Leaders soon Hong Kong 15
R183582. Opinion Leaders soon Australia 15
R183583. Opinion Leaders soon United Kingdom 15
R183585. Opinion Leaders soon Russian Fed 15
R183586. Opinion Leaders soon Japan 15
R183587. Opinion Leaders soon Brazil 15
R183623. GenPop soon Mexico 25
R183769. Car Owners 2 soon United States 12
R183788. BDMs soon Brazil 20
R183789. ITDMs soon Brazil 20
R183790. BDMs soon Mexico 20
R183791. ITDMs soon Mexico 20
R183792. BDMs soon Germany 20
R183793. ITDMs soon Germany 20
R183794. BDMs soon United Kingdom 20
R183795. ITDMs soon United Kingdom 20
R183796. BDMs soon United States 20
R183797. ITDMs soon United States 20
R183798. INFLUENCER soon United States 20
R183799. DEVELOPERS soon United States 20
R183801. GenPop soon France 15
R183802. TTP soon France 15
R183806. GenPop soon Italy 15
R183808. GenPop soon Italy 15
R183869. GenPop soon South Africa 12
R183871. GenPop soon India 20
R183872. GenPop soon Mexico 20
R183873. GenPop soon United States 20
R183906. Printers soon Russian Fed 20
R183929. Developers soon United States 15
R183944. GenPop Online soon Canada 25
R183945. GenPop Mobile soon Canada 25
R183977. Professionals soon India 20
R183978. Professionals soon Brazil 20
R183981. Professionals soon South Korea 20
R183982. Professionals soon United Kingdom 20
R184034. Females soon Canada 15
R184036. BDMs soon China 18
R184037. Doers soon China 18
R184038. Amplifiers soon China 18
R184039. BDMs soon India 18
R184040. Doers soon India 18
R184041. Amplifiers soon India 18
R184042. BDMs soon United States 18
R184043. Doers soon United States 18
R184044. Doers Students soon United States 18
R184045. Amplifiers soon United States 18
R184057. C-Level soon United States 18
R184062. Daily Browser soon United Kingdom 12
R184064. Daily Browser soon France 18
R184065. Daily Browser soon Germany 18
R184066. Daily Browser soon Brazil 18
R184067. Daily Browser soon Japan 18
R184068. Daily Browser soon India 12
R184082. Video Games W1 soon United Kingdom 15
R184083. Video Games W2 soon United Kingdom 15
R184085. Video Games W4 soon United Kingdom 10
R184089. ITDMs soon Indonesia 18
R184090. ITDMs soon India 18
R184091. ITDMs soon Malaysia 18
R184092. ITDMs soon Thailand 18
R184098. IT Pros soon United Kingdom 5
R184099. IT Pros soon Germany 5
R184100. IT Pros soon Sweden 5
R184101. IT Pros soon South Africa 5
R184102. IT Pros soon Philippines 5
R184103. IT Pros soon Thailand 5
R184104. Edge OS soon United Kingdom 12
R184105. Student OS soon United Kingdom 12
R184108. Edge OS soon India 12
R184109. Student OS soon India 12
R184110. OS soon Brazil 12
R184111. OS soon Germany 12
R184112. OS soon France 12
R184126. GenPop soon Australia 15
R184128. Females soon United States 4
R184140. ITDMs/BDMs soon United States 15
R184146. Cars soon United States 7
R184151. GenPop soon United States 20
R184153. Soundview GP soon Germany 10
R184154. Soundview TTP soon Germany 10
R184155. Soundview GP soon France 10
R184156. Soundview TTP soon France 10
R184157. Soundview GP soon Mexico 10
R184158. Soundview TTP soon Mexico 10
R184159. Soundview GP soon Brazil 10
R184160. Soundview TTP soon Brazil 10
R184161. Soundview GP soon Philippines 10
R184162. Soundview TTP soon Philippines 10
R184164. Manager+ soon Canada 15
R184166. Manager+ soon United States 15
R184194. GenPop soon United States 5
R184195. GenPop soon United Kingdom 5
R184210. Clothing Parents soon Singapore 15
R184211. Clothing Main soon Turkey 15
R184212. Clothing Parents soon Turkey 15
R184216. Clothing Parents soon Chile 15
R184222. GenPop soon United States 18
R184242. Brokers soon United States 15
R184244. GenPop soon United Kingdom 20
R184245. GenPop soon Germany 20
R184246. GenPop soon France 20
R184247. GenPop soon India 20
R184248. GenPop soon Japan 20
R184257. Travel soon United States 9
R184265. Genpop soon South Africa 8
R184266. Gen Pop soon Brazil 16
R184267. Gen Pop soon India 16
R184279. GenPop soon South Korea 20
R184280. Sports V2 soon United Kingdom 15
R184281. Sports V2 soon China 15
R184283. Sports V2 soon Brazil 15
R184289. Sports V2 soon Chile 15
R184290. Sports V2 soon Australia 15
R184292. Sports V2 soon Argentina 15
R184295. Healthcare soon United States 20
R184301. Devs soon United States 20
R184303. IT Managers+ soon United States 15
R184304. ITDMs soon United States 18
R184305. General Population soon Mexico 20
R184308. General Population soon Germany 20
R184309. General Population soon Spain 20
R184310. General Population soon Brazil 20
R184311. GenPop soon Argentina 15
R184312. GenPop soon China 15
R184313. GenPop soon Colombia 15
R184314. GenPop soon Indonesia 15
R184315. GenPop soon India 15
R184316. GenPop soon South Korea 15
R184317. GenPop soon Malaysia 15
R184318. GenPop soon Turkey 15
R184319. Manager+ soon United States 15
R184321. Manager+ soon Poland 15
R184322. Manager+ soon Russian Fed 15
R184323. Manager+ soon Turkey 15
R184324. Manager+ soon United Arab Emir 15
R184325. Manager+ soon United Kingdom 15
R184328. Manager+ soon Brazil 15
R184329. Manager+ soon Mexico 15
R184330. Manager+ soon India 15
R184331. Manager+ soon South Korea 15
R184332. Manager+ soon Singapore 15
R184333. Manager+ soon Taiwan 15
R184334. Manager+ soon China 15
R184335. Manager+ soon Australia 15
R184341. IT Pros soon Brazil 5
R184345. SBOs soon United States 12
R184346. PC Owners soon United States 15
R184348. Gamers soon United States 12
R184349. Gamers soon Japan 12
R184350. Gamers soon Canada 12
R184351. Gamers soon Brazil 12
R184352. Gamers soon China 12
R184353. Gamers soon India 12
R184354. Gamers soon United Kingdom 12
R184355. Gamers soon Australia 12
R184356. Gamers soon Germany 12
R184365. Sports V2 soon Japan 15
R184368. French Canada C1 soon Canada 10
R184370. Emerging Homeowners soon United States 11
R184371. Legacy Homeowners soon United States 11
R184372. New Homeowners soon United States 11
R184373. Builders Homeowners soon United States 11
R184381. Smartphones soon France 10
R184382. Smartphones soon United Kingdom 10
R184391. GenPop soon United States 20
R184392. Females soon United Kingdom 20
R184394. Males TC1 soon United States 18
R184395.Males TC2 soon United States 18
R184396. GenPop soon United States 15
R184399. General Population soon Canada 20
R184400. Parents soon Canada 20
R184403. PC Gamers soon United States 15
R184404. GenPop soon New Zealand 22
R184405. French Canada C2 soon Canada 10
R184409. Health Insurance soon United States 7
R184410. Dog Owners soon United States 12
R184411. GenPop soon New Zealand 15
R184412. Groceries v2 soon United States 15
R184413. Mission Impossible GP soon France 15
R184416. Cat Owners soon United States 15
R184418. GenPop soon United States 20
R184419. ITDMs soon United States 20
R184420. GenPop soon United States 15
R184421. GenPop soon United States 15
R184424. Isolated soon United States 15
R184425. GenPop soon United States 18
R184436. ITDMs soon United States 10
R184442. ITDMs soon Japan 15
R184444. Food & Beverage DMs soon United Kingdom 10
R184446. Manager + soon Germany 15
R184447. GenPop soon United States 15
R184448. TTP soon United States 15
R184449. Kids soon United States 15
R184450. Parents soon United States 15
R184451. GenPop soon United Kingdom 15
R184452. TTP soon United Kingdom 15
R184453. Kids soon United Kingdom 15
R184454. Parents soon United Kingdom 15
R184455. GenPop soon France 15
R184456. TTP soon France 15
R184457. Kids soon France 15
R184458. Parents soon France 15
R184459. GenPop soon Germany 15
R184460. TTP soon Germany 15
R184461. Kids soon Germany 15
R184462. Parents soon Germany 15
R184463. GenPop soon Mexico 15
R184464. TTP soon Mexico 15
R184465. Kids soon Mexico 15
R184466. Parents soon Mexico 15
R184467. Males Chicago soon United States 20
R184468. Asthma Patients soon United States 25
R184470. ITDMs soon United States 10
R184475. Food & Beverage DMs soon Germany 10
R184476. Food & Beverage DMs soon France 10
R184477. Food & Beverage DMs soon Canada 10
R184478. Food & Beverage DMs soon Mexico 10
R184479. Food & Beverage DMs soon United States 10
R184482. IT Managers+ EN v2 soon Canada 15
R184483. IT Managers+ FR v2 soon Canada 15
R184484. IT Managers+ v2 soon United States 15
R184485. Finance DMs soon Australia 18
R184486. GenPop 0 soon United States 20
R184487. GenPop 1 soon United States 20
R184488. Males soon United States 12
R184489. Professionals soon Mexico 20
R184490. ITDMs soon United States 17
R184491. iWorkers soon United States 17
R184492. Tech Elastics soon United States 17
R184493. BDMs soon United States 17
R184494. ITs soon United States 19
R184498. Netflix soon Sweden 20
R184499. GenPop soon India 15
R184503. Engaged Youth soon United States 18
R184504. GenPop soon Brazil 15
R184505. GenPop soon China 15
R184506. GenPop soon Germany 15
R184507. GenPop soon India 15
R184508. GenPop soon United Kingdom 15
R184514. Parents soon Canada 10
R184518. Managers soon Canada 20
R184519. PC Owners soon Germany 15
R184520. PC Owners soon France 15
R184523. Affluent soon United States 15
R184525. Healthcare soon United States 20
R184526. Netflix TTP soon France 20
R184527. Netflix TTP soon Italy 20
R184528. Netflix TTP soon Sweden 20
R184530. Parents soon United States 15
R184532. GenPop soon United States 15
R184533. GenPop soon Brazil 15


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