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Study Title Opens on Country Points
Q180037. Advertising Sep 28, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180038. Live Entertainment Oct 05, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180039. Waiting... Oct 12, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180040. Is Friendly? Oct 19, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180041. Mr Joe Famous Oct 26, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180042. Google Me? Nov 02, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180043. Many Newsletters? Nov 09, 2018 Worldwide 1
Q180044. Place your Bets Nov 16, 2018 Worldwide 1
R185055. GenPop soon United Kingdom 15
R185225. GenPop 1 (AD) soon United States 12
R185226. GenPop 2 (TR) soon United States 12
R185234. CRM DMs soon United States 12
R185333. Developers soon United States 10
R185334. Diabetes soon United States 15
R185342. Credit Card Users soon United States 12
R185365. Emerging Homeowners soon United States 11
R185366. Legacy Homeowners soon United States 11
R185367. New Homeowners soon United States 11
R185368. Builders Homeowners soon United States 11
R185370. Employed soon United States 20
R185371. Females GC 0003 soon United States 10
R185372. Females GC 0004 soon United States 10
R185395. CRM DMs v2 soon United States 12
R185403. Generals soon Russian Fed 15
R185404. Parents soon Russian Fed 15
R185405. Kids soon Russian Fed 15
R185406. Generals soon China 15
R185407. Parents soon China 15
R185408. Kids soon China 15
R185427. Parents soon United States 8
R185439. Motorcycle Owners soon Australia 10
R185440. Motorcycle Owners soon Japan 10
R185441. Motorcycle Owners soon Thailand 10
R185444. ITDMs soon United States 20
R185462. Motorcycle Owners v2 soon Japan 10
R185464. ITDMs soon United States 8
R185465. ITDMs soon Canada 8
R185468. Elites soon United States 10
R185470. App Devs soon Australia 22
R185471. App Devs soon South Korea 22
R185472. App Devs soon United States 22
R185473. App Devs soon France 22
R185489. ITDMs soon India 12
R185490. Overwatch Gamers soon United States 15
R185492. Overwatch Gamers soon France 15
R185496. Movie Goers B soon Germany 15
R185497. Doctor Dolittle GP soon United Kingdom 15
R185498. Doctor Dolittle PAR soon United Kingdom 15
R185499. Doctor Dolittle KIDS soon United Kingdom 15
R185510. Bumblebee 2 GP soon Germany 15
R185512. First Man soon Germany 15
R185514. Restaurant DMs soon United States 12
R185518. Restaurant DMs soon United States 20
R185529. Genpop 65+ soon Italy 10
R185530. Genpop 65+ soon Italy 10
R185554. States soon United States 15
R185555. Marketing soon France 15
R185556. Marketing soon Japan 15
R185565. Clothing Parents soon Germany 15
R185566. Clothing Main soon France 15
R185567. Clothing Parents soon France 15
R185570. Clothing Main soon Turkey 15
R185571. Clothing Parents soon Turkey 15
R185572. Clothing Main soon Chile 15
R185573. Clothing Parents soon Chile 15
R185575. Clothing Parents soon South Africa 15
R185601. Bankers soon United States 10
R185616. Pregnant Women soon United Kingdom 12
R185632. Sports V2 soon United Kingdom 15
R185633. Sports V2 soon China 15
R185634. Sports V2 soon Japan 15
R185635. Sports V2 soon Brazil 15
R185636. Sports V2 soon France 15
R185637. Sports V2 soon Germany 15
R185638. Sports V2 soon Italy 15
R185639. Sports V2 soon Mexico 15
R185640. Sports V2 soon South Korea 15
R185641. Sports V2 soon Chile 15
R185642. Sports V2 soon Australia 15
R185643. Sports V2 soon Spain 15
R185644. Sports V2 soon Argentina 15
R185645. Sports V2 soon Russian Fed 15
R185646. Sports V2 soon Japan 15
R185647. Sports V2 soon Japan 15
R185651. Security soon United States 15
R185657. Bankers 2 soon United States 10
R185665. Car owners soon United States 25
R185667. Construction soon United States 15
R185675. Gamers soon United States 20
R185677. ITDM soon Australia 12
R185678. ITDM soon Germany 12
R185679. ITDM soon Japan 12
R185680. ITDM soon Japan 12
R185681. ITDM soon Brazil 12
R185682. ITDM soon United States 12
R185683. ITDM soon Sweden 12
R185684. ITDM soon Sweden 12
R185685. ITDM soon China 12
R185686. ITDM soon Germany 12
R185691. Movie Goers soon Germany 15
R185699. Teens W4 soon United States 12
R185700. K-12 Teachers soon United States 15
R185701. K-12 Admins soon United States 15
R185707. Netflix soon United States 10
R185708. Netflix soon Philippines 10
R185709. Netflix soon United States 10
R185716. GenPop DMAs soon United States 20
R185717. Spanish soon United States 20
R185725. Developers soon United States 20
R185727. Developers soon Spain 20
R185728. GenPop soon India 8
R185732. GenPop soon Brazil 8
R185736. Charlies Angels soon United States 12
R185737. Charlies Angels TTP soon United States 12
R185738. Charlies Angels soon United Kingdom 12
R185739. Charlies Angels TTP soon United Kingdom 12
R185740. Women 18-54 soon United States 12
R185742. GenPop soon United States 7
R185744. Parents Portland soon United States 10
R185748. Manager+ soon Australia 15
R185749. Manager+ soon India 15
R185750. Manager+ soon Malaysia 15
R185751. Manager+ soon Singapore 15
R185752. Manager+ soon United States 15
R185754. GenPop v2 soon United States 5
R185761. DMAs soon United States 5
R185762. DMAs FT soon United States 5
R185771. Hotel Industry soon Germany 12
R185772. Healthcare DMs soon United States 12
R185774. GenPop V2 soon United Kingdom 8
R185775. ITDMs soon United States 10
R185776. ITDMs soon United States 10
R185777. Employed soon France 10
R185779. Employed soon Japan 10
R185780. Employed soon Italy 10
R185783. Employed soon Germany 10
R185784. Employed soon Brazil 10
R185788. Bankers Survey2 soon Sweden 10
R185789. Bankers Survey 2 soon Australia 10
R185805. GenPop soon United States 20
R185806. GenPop soon United States 20
R185807. GenPop soon United Kingdom 20
R185808. TTP soon United Kingdom 20
R185809. GenPop soon France 20
R185810. TTP soon France 20
R185811. GenPop soon Mexico 20
R185812. TTP soon Mexico 20
R185813. GenPop soon South Korea 20
R185814. TTP soon South Korea 20
R185815. Portland soon United States 15
R185817. Genpop CTV soon Thailand 15
R185819. Bankers Survey1 soon Sweden 10
R185820. Bankers Survey1 soon France 10
R185823. Travellers Ethnicitie soon United States 20
R185828. Females soon Canada 21
R185829. GenPop DMAs soon United States 15
R185831. Genpop WM soon Australia 15
R185833. Genpop REF soon Thailand 15
R185835. GenPop Zips v2 soon United States 15
R185839. Bankers Survey 2 soon Canada 10
R185840. Bankers Survey 2 soon United Kingdom 10
R185841. Bankers Survey 2 soon Germany 10
R185842. Bankers Survey 2 soon France 10
R185843. Bankers Survey 2 soon Italy 10
R185844. Bankers Survey 2 soon Singapore 10
R185845. Bankers Survey 2 soon Thailand 10
R185846. Bankers Survey 2 soon Hong Kong 10
R185852. Managers+ soon Netherlands 15
R185853. Mothers soon Spain 20
R185854. Mothers soon France 20
R185855. Mothers soon Germany 20
R185856. GenPop soon United States 10
R185859. Video Games Link 1 soon United States 8
R185860. Video Games Link 3 soon United States 8
R185864. Bankers Survey2 soon Sweden 10
R185865. Bankers Survey1 soon Sweden 10
R185866. Managers soon Canada 10
R185867. Managers French soon Canada 10
R185869. HRDMs soon United States 20
R185877. GenPop soon Canada 5
R185878. Managers soon Canada 10
R185879. Managers+ soon Netherlands 15
R185880. F&B BDMs soon United States 15
R185881. Nespresso soon Netherlands 10
R185882. Nespresso soon Germany 10
R185883. Nespresso soon United States 10
R185884. Nespresso soon Australia 10
R185885. Nespresso soon United Kingdom 10
R185886. Nespresso soon Brazil 10
R185887. Nespresso soon France 10
R185888. Jeans OQ soon United States 12
R185889. Fast Track v2 soon United States 5
R185891. Restaurant Managers soon United States 15
R185893. SBO soon Canada 10
R185894. SBO soon Canada 10
R185895. Restaurant Managers soon United States 15
R185896. SBO English soon Canada 10
R185898. Genpop Counties soon United States 2
R185900. Bankers Survey 1 soon Germany 10
R185906. Sneakers TTP soon South Africa 12
R185907. Teens W3 TTP soon United States 12
R185908. Hispanics soon United States 10
R185910. Government States soon United States 20
R185914. Video Games W4 soon United Kingdom 15
R185916. Employed soon United States 15
R185918. Gen pop soon United Arab Emir 12
R185928. Parents Cities soon United Kingdom 10
R185934. Parkinsons Patients soon United States 30
R185936. GenPop EN soon Canada 15
R185937. GenPop FR soon Canada 15
R185939. Generals soon Japan 15
R185940. Generals soon Japan 15
R185941. Generals soon Japan 15
R185958. Genpop Employed soon Australia 12
R185959. Managers+ GP soon United States 20
R185965. Females soon United States 20
R185975. Console Owners soon Japan 15
R185978. Console Owners TTP soon Japan 20
R185979. Managers+ GP soon Canada 20
R185980. Managers+ GP soon United Kingdom 20
R185981. Managers+ GP soon France 20
R185982. Managers+ GP soon Germany 20
R185983. Managers+ GP soon Italy 20


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