About Us

SpiderMetrix.com begun operations on June 26, 2000 and it is a privately held organization, based in Melbourne Australia. Managed by its founding members and supported by a great team with expertise in Information Technology, Business, Psychology, Marketing, Graphics and Advertising.

Official Memberships

SpiderMetrix.com obeys by the rules and regulations, and is an official member of the following Market Research Associations.

Founding Partner and CEO
Mr Jerry Evas

Mr Jerry Evas Mr Evas has been involved in IT Design and Applications Development since 1982. He has operated a specialised software development business since 1986 during which time he produced and marketed numerous packages into a diversified range of industries.

Mr Evas has consistently been an advocate for Human Computer Interface Principles.

In addition to work assignments for some of Australia's major corporations, he has also provided consultancy services in UK, Greece, the Middle East, New Zealand and Fiji.

In 1999 he founded SpiderMetrix.com and has actively managed the community hands-on since then. And, he never wears a tie.